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WHY WAFFLES... our story...

We don't know about you, but without a doubt most of our favorite memories are connected by food.  Sometimes a birthday dinner and sometimes just a bunch of mates around a braai (bbq) after the rugby.   Sharing food brings people together, be it sharing food with strangers at a function or family at lunch, you embrace their unique story as you connect over a meal and share yours with them.

And what better way to connect than over a simple yet perfect authentic Brussels waffle!   We don't want you to sit down to the same old regular waffles, we want to ignite you senses and give you the best gourmet waffles you have ever had.  Our waffles are topped with either sweet or savory deliciousness, there are options for the kids and even a pot of tea and scone for gran. 

Moving our family to New Zealand a few years ago, we have connected with our local community in Taupo so many times around the table, from kids birthday parties, to bbq's and volunteer tables at events like Iron Man, once again food bringing people together, and this is how our cafe has come to be.  
A nod to our 'roots' in our Country and putting down our 'roots' in Taupo as a family, we want to create a unique space bringing friends and family together.  Using quality ingredients, prepared with passion and love for what we do and for the community around us.  We cannot wait to meet you and help you create one more special memory over a gourmet waffle!